A life-long world traveler, Liza-Jayne creates a wearable travelogue by collecting artifacts from her favorite destinations, courtesy of Mother Nature.  From an olive leaf plucked from a Tuscan grove, or a collection of shells from her favorite far-off beaches, Liza either casts her findings in precious metal or strings them in their natural state for one-of-a-kind statement jewelry. 

In contrast, many of Liza-Jayne's collections are cast from lost wax molds -- lost wax being an ancient technique of carving the object into a small sculpture using heat and special jewelry wax.

In addition to being a skilled craftsman, Liza's father was an avid naturalist, giving his young daughter daily assignments which included immersing herself in nature, learning how to identify each tree by its unique leaves and branches, building an innate reverence for their wooded surroundings.  As a little girl, Liza collected her findings--leaves and tiny twigs--which she learned to preserve and manipulate into artwork.

Today, Liza finds inspiration also in various cultures and its people.  Liza's ever-popular Muse ring was designed for  dear friend getting married.  Liza researched dozens upon dozens of promise rings from all backgrounds and centuries, most inspired by the engagement ring poet John Keats gave to his beloved shortly before his death.  The result is a combination of traditions, beauty and romance, perfect for any soul who believes in love.

Liza always insists that her greatest inspiration is found right at home.  A native Bostonian, Liza combines her love for New England's passionate seasons with her Pennsylvania mountain home, as well as her many years living in and out of New York City, to give her jewelry an affectionate warmth with just enough edge.

All of Liza-Jayne's gemstone jewelry is genuine, top quality and conflict free.  Liza has an on-going love affair with rough cut stones, designing the perfect setting around their natural and stunningly "imperfect" state.

All jewelry is cast in solid .925 Sterling Silver or 18 karat gold vermeil.